We are delighted to announce Inaugural Lecture of Professor Emma Stafford for a look back over 30 years’ study of ancient Greek culture and its post-classical reception.
When medieval manuscripts were no longer useful they were torn apart. What happened next? Join us as we uncover the pieces of our fragmented heritage.

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How do operatic organisations and artists work meaningfully with communities and practitioners from outside of their traditions? What are the implications and challenges of such collaborative encounters?
This workshop aims to bring together scholars from a range of disciplinary backgrounds who use comics and cartoons as part of their research. Register now to be part of the conversation!
The Leeds Arts and Humanities Research Institute are delighted to promote the book launch and discussion to celebrate the publication of Professor Susan R. Grayzel’s newest book, The Age of the Gas Mask: How British Civilians Faced the Total Wars of Terror. Professor Grayzel held the position of Fulbright Professor in the Institute from 2019-2020….
In this webinar, panellists will explore the conditions of opera’s colonial past, and how new opera might position itself critically against this background.
What happens creatively when different musical traditions are brought together? How might creative artists rethink and reimagine the stories that underpin human experience?
Are you a Medical Humanities Researcher? Are you interested in Maternal Wellbeing and /or Mental Health research? LAHRI are delighted to be hosting this Speculative Conversation on the topic of Perceptions of Perinatal wellbeing, and invite you to join us. This Conversation will be hosted by Anna McFarlane (School of English) and Netalie Shloim (School…
An event that is part of the 2022-23 Sadler Seminar Series “Telling Operatic Stories: Race, ethics, and authenticity”
The School of Languages Cultures and Societies are pleased to invite you to ‘Embodiment and Black Aesthetics’, a lecture by the School’s visiting Fulbright Distinguished Chair, Shelleen Greene at 4pm on Wednesday 28th September.
A free, hybrid symposium exploring links between sensory storytelling imagination, and wellbeing, with academic and practice-based contributions.
Involving the Leeds Institute of Textiles and Colour as well as the University’s Future Fashion Factory, this Leeds hosted conference will be of interest to researchers in sustainability and Fashion futures. the conference is arranged under ‘cultural & ethical communities’; ‘Collaborative & participatory’ communities; ‘Environmental & Resillient’ communities; ‘Technological & Material’ communities; ‘Collaborative and participatory’ communities and Societal & political communities.