A free, hybrid symposium exploring links between sensory storytelling imagination, and wellbeing, with academic and practice-based contributions.
Are you a Medical Humanities Researcher? Are you interested in Maternal Wellbeing and /or Mental Health research? LAHRI are delighted to be hosting this Speculative Conversation on the topic of Perceptions of Perinatal wellbeing, and invite you to join us. This Conversation will be hosted by Anna McFarlane (School of English) and Netalie Shloim (School…
This workshop aims to bring together scholars from a range of disciplinary backgrounds who use comics and cartoons as part of their research. Register now to be part of the conversation!

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This workshop ​provides a welcoming and inclusive space where we will share strategies and tips for developing the impact of arts & humanities research in the policy arena
A workshop aimed at researchers, artists and activists whose work serves to document and record processes of displacement and resistance to displacement.
Are you an academic or researcher within the Arts, Humanities and Culture (AHC) Faculty? Have you conducted (or participated in) research projects which engaged non-academic organisations within the Leeds City Region (including Bradford, Calderdale, Craven, Harrogate, Kirklees, Leeds, Selby, Wakefield, and York)? If so, we need to hear from you! Did you know that on…
The fourth event in LAHRI’s 2022 series of Interdisciplinary Arts & Humanities Futures discussions
Join the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies for the Inaugural lecture of Professor Binhua Wang
The third event in LAHRI’s 2022 series of Interdisciplinary Arts & Humanities Futures discussions
LAHRI are delighted to host the 2022 British Academy Lecture. This year Preti Taneja (Newcastle University) will consider questions of education, the role of writing, and of dignity, justice, grief and culpability in the context of systemic political harms; and the ethics, aesthetics and politics of making narrative in a time of complex and highly racialised trauma in the UK.
Dr Scott McLaughlin focuses on  sounds that things ‘want’ to make, resonances allowing us to listen in a traditional musical sense. Extending our Sadler Seminar Series ‘Tunings of the World’. We move everyday through worlds of fleeting pitches in the resonance of the ‘thingly’ materials around us that we interact with. We are continuously touching,…
Mikhail Karikis and Joseph Kohlmaier present their current work and practice through seminar lecture and performance. Extending our Sadler Seminar Series ‘Tunings of the World’.
Leverhulme Visiting Professor Dr Lars Schmeink from the Europa-Universität Flensburg will give his official Leverhulme Lecture on the “Progressive Fantastic” at the University of Leeds.