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Sadler Seminar Talk: Rik Worth and Jordan Collver in conversation with Richard Wiseman.

Monday 13 May 2024, TBC

Title: “Crossing Over: Hocus Pocus and the Magic of Comics in Research”


Description: The creators of the Eisner Award-nominated comic Hocus Pocus: Magic, Mystery and The Mind (Vanishing Inc, 2023) explore their unique approach to merging research with comics. They discuss the distinctive capacity of comics as a medium for communicating research findings and how comics can be valuable tools in the research process. Hocus Pocus delves into the history and psychology of stage magic and the paranormal, exemplifying the intriguing intersection of comics and academic research in psychology. By harnessing comics' formal properties, they effectively convey the psychological processes underlying "paranormal" phenomena. This event offers critical insights into the adaptation of academic research into the comic book format and showcases the potential of interdisciplinary collaborations between artists and academic researchers to produce innovative, creative works that bridge theory and practice.