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Sadler Seminar Talk: Kay Sohini in conversation with Jared Gardner.

Wednesday 12 June 2024, 14:00

Title: “Who Cares for Comics? Graphic Medicine and Comics Artforms”


Description: This event focuses on the intersection of comics and healthcare in the context of graphic medicine. It features experts Kay Sohini, a comics practitioner specialising in healthcare justice, and Jared Garder, a comics historian with a focus on comics and medicine. They will discuss the role of comics in addressing healthcare issues, showcasing innovative practices that blend art, humanities scholarship, and comics to raise awareness and intervene in public discourse. By uniting these perspectives, the event aims to highlight the potential of comics as a powerful tool for meaningful dialogue about healthcare topics.

Date: Wednesday 12 June, 2 pm - online only, Zoom link Meeting ID: 853 0357 7616

Passcode: s@V7ew