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Representing and Resisting Displacement – a hybrid methods workshop

Sadler Seminar Series
Thursday 14 - Friday 15 July, 2022, ALL DAY

Register now for the forthcoming University of Leeds hybrid methods workshop. 

A workshop aimed at researchers, artists and activists whose work serves to document and record processes of displacement and resistance to displacement.

The focus of these workshops is to facilitate discussion and reflection on the methods used to document and resist practices of forced human mobility at a variety of scales (urban, regional, transnational) and through a variety of practices (gentrification, migration, resettlement, forced relocation) which are brought together under the  metaphor of 'displacement'. There is a particular emphasis around fostering collaboration between those working on urban displacement and migratory displacement. These workshops aim to allow researchers and practitioners from different geographic locales and experiences of displacement struggles to collaborate and uncover new commonalities in the political and epistemological challenges involved in attempts to document, give voice to, and resist displacement.

These methods workshops will each be based around a 'flipped conference' format, whereby short films (documentaries and video essays) will be shared with all participants to watch beforehand, providing a basis for discussion and reflection on the research methods entailed in documenting and resisting acts of displacement. Films have already been contributed to this workshop from researchers, activists and aritsts working on displacement in the context of Italy, Palestine, Ukraine and the USA.

Films & Scheduling
Thursday 14th July:  14:00-16:30 BST (+1 UTC) - Conflict and dispossession
- You See, Time Becomes Space Here - Ievgeniia Gubkina & Tetjana Kononenko (Ukraine)
- Infiltrators - Khaled Jarrar (Palestine)

Friday 15th July: 14:00-16:30 BST (+1 UTC) - Housing and activism
Tenants Rise Up!: Fighting for Housing Justice in the Bay Area -  Anti-Eviction Mapping Project & Regional Tenants Organizing Network (USA)
San Berillo: A History of Resistance for the Right to the City - Trame di Quartiere (Italy)

Participation will be possible either online via zoom or in person on the University of Leeds Campus. 

Attendance at this event is free but will be restricted to a limited number of participants to ensure active and coherent participation.