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Sadler Seminar Series 2023-24

Sadler Seminars 2023-24

The Sadler Seminars run for a year with activities each semester including talks, performances, debates, outreach activities, and grant-writing workshops.

In the scheme’s ninth year we are delighted to be supporting the following projects:

What we talk about when we talk about the commons

Since the publication of Elinor Ostrom's "Governing the Commons" (1990), the term “commons” has been used to describe not only natural resources but also knowledge, digital, urban and cultural ones. This project aims to bring together different academic perspectives on the commons to surface potential tensions and conflicts, and discuss if and how the theoretical framework of the commons can be a useful tool in addressing global challenges, from climate change to cultural participation.

END - Ending the inappropriate marketing of infant and toddler food product

This study aims to explore the impacts of packaging and labelling design on the inappropriate marketing of infant and toddler food products, and to identify effective design strategies to promote optimal infant and toddler nutrition.

Writing the Now

Writing the Now is a project focussed on a key motivating question: ‘what writing do we need now?’. This project is concerned with experimenting with non-traditional forms and engages with leading writers, practitioners and publishers in the field of experimental academic writing.

Expanding Narratives: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Comics

“Expanding Narratives: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Comics and Sequential Art” is a pioneering series of events that explore the cultural significance and untapped potential of comic books and sequential art as modes of interdisciplinary knowledge production and communication. Bringing together academics, practitioners, and researchers from diverse disciplines, the events aim to help shape the future of comics research.