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Job Advert for Affect, Algorithms, and Archives Project 2x Research Assistants


Dr Dibya Roy and Dr Liz Stainforth are looking for two research assistants to join them on their Sapling Project Affect, Algorithms, and Archives.

Deadline for applications: Monday 26 Feb 2024

How to apply: Complete the application form linked below and submit via email to

Click here for the job description Click here for the application form


The image depicts data flocks as small dark marks on a light background

Image courtesy of:
Philipp Schmitt, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Project Overview:

Archives reclaim lost narratives, solidify uncharted connections, and discover (yet) unknown futures for archival objects. The current rise in algorithmically mediated artistic practices has flattened the historical and geographical specificities of archival objects, and prevented everyday human reactions to archives from being recorded and legitimized.
This interdisciplinary project will explore how affective responses elicited from audiences of digital archives can be captured, in order to expand and/or modify the remit of an archival object. Through workshops in two sites in the UK and India (Leeds and Bengaluru), human affective responses to a digital archive will be recorded. The human respondents’ experiences will be purposefully juxtaposed with an AI-mediated reception of the collection and compared, to allow for the development of a new descriptive metadata field called “emotion/affect/response.” The project will challenge the archival logic predicated on the “what happened” approach to collections and focus on “how it matters” to individuals and communities.