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AHC Researchers In the Media (October / November 2022)

AHC Research

Many arts and humanities researchers at the University of Leeds are active in public discussions about their work.

Below we include selected publications and appearances from October and November 2022, including reflections on topics including Why better data is vital for future-proofing the cultural sector, that the University of Leeds now has 'Superstar' Roman inscription stones on display, and how used clothing from the UK is fueling Ghana’s environmental crisis.

Why you should almost always wash your clothes on cold (Washington Post • 29th Nov, 2022) - Washing clothes on a cold wash, and less regularly than you think, is better for them. Dr Mark Sumner (Design) says washing “can be the most significant thing that you do” to your clothes, as it can occasionally damage them. Lexis login with university details required. PDF available.

The Long View (BBC Radio 4 • 29th Nov, 2022) - In an episode on political comebacks, Dr Rebecca Darley (History) talks about the Roman emperor Justinian. BBC Sounds clip starts at 01:25.

A Problem Shared... (The Independent • 28th Nov, 2022) - On the rise of people living in flatshares into their late 20s and 30s, as people struggle to rent independently or buy houses (particularly in London). Dr Beth Johnson (Media and Communication) says that flatshares "emerge almost as a lifestyle choice rather than an economic necessity". PDF available.

Real Britain with Calvin Robinson (GB News • 26th Nov, 2022) - Dr Philip Kiszely (Performance and Cultural Industries) discusses whether the Labour Party can win round working class voters at the next general election. Clip available.

Five steps for engaging policymakers with research (Times Higher Education Campus • 25th Nov, 2022) - Professor Benjamin Walmsley (Performance and Cultural Industries) writes this piece. He highlights five tips: start pushing at an open door, understand what policymakers want from research, collaborate with others, think long term and join the dots. Login required. PDF available. 

Dales dialect: Sit thissen down an si wot tha’ meks o’ this.... (Craven Herald • 25th Nov, 2022) - Further coverage. Recorded interviews gathered by Leeds researchers in the 1950s and 60s been used to celebrate the Yorkshire Dales dialect at a new exhibition called In Your Words. The exhibition is part of the University’s Dialect and Heritage Project, led by Dr Fiona Douglas (English).  

Why better data is vital for future-proofing the cultural sector (Arts Professional • 22 Nov, 2022) - Professor Ben Walmsley, Director of the Centre for Cultural Value, writes this opinion piece. Professor Walmsley argues: "it is more important than ever to draw on robust data to demonstrate the diverse impacts of culture."

Why you can't skip The White Lotus intro banger, according to a music expert (GQ Magazine • 21 Nov, 2022) - Professor Edward Venn (Music) comments on the introduction song for TV show The White Lotus. He says the song, “continually offers up reassuringly familiar ideas, only to pull the rug from out of us and to turn it into something uncomfortable”.

Hate crimes: Tough action urged (Nepal Weekly  • 18 Nov, 2022 • Print) - Dr Jasjit Singh (PRHS) says: “The shocking hate crime data highlights an urgent need for the government to tackle hate rhetoric in the media and in public discourse, including facilitating discussions in schools about the drivers of hate crimes." Also in Sri Lanka Weekly, Bangladesh Weekly, India Weekly, Pakistan Weekly, Asian Times (PDFs available). 

Was WWI inevitable? (Washington Examiner • 11 Nov, 2022) - A review of the book ‘On a Knife Edge’ by Professor Holger Afflerbach (History), on Germany’s role in the outbreak of World War I. Professor Afflerbach’s core argument is that Germany did not act in a unified, integrated manner when it came to its policy before or during the war. The article concludes the outbreak of war was determined by human decision-making.

Matt Hancock on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! is unusual but not unprecedented (The National Scotland • 6 Nov, 2022) - Professor Bethany Klein (Media and Communication) comments on Matt Hancock’s appearance on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, which begins tonight.

Bamigboye, Nigeria’s Tour-de-Force Sculptor, Claims His Fame in the World (New York Times • 16 Oct, 2022) - Will Rea (Fine Art, History and Cultural Studies) is quoted in this piece about the 50-year career of a Yoruban carver, calling Bamigboye one of the "most important known artists of Africa". Behind a paywall. PDF available. 

Adolf Hitler: Where did the theory come about that the Nazi leader never committed suicide and managed to flee Germany after the end of World War II (El Universo • 22 Oct, 2022) - In Spanish. Dr Luke Daly-Groves (History) is quoted, arguing that denial of Hitler’s death was a political move by Stalin. 

The Secret History: A murder mystery that thrills 30 years on (BBC Culture • 21 Oct, 2022) -  Dr Owen Hodkinson (Languages, Cultures and Societies) comments on Donna Tartt's debut novel, The Secret History. "The knowledge and love of classics on the part of the author very definitely comes across throughout The Secret History," he says.

BBC Look North (Yorkshire): Evening News (BBC 1 Yorkshire and North Midlands • 18 Oct, 2022 • Broadcast) - The public unveiling of the Ancient Roman Dales Inscription Stones, found at Bainbridge and stored since the 1960s at Leeds, is featured. Dr Samuel Gartland (School of Languages, Cultures and Societies) is interviewed. Also in: Yorkshire Evening Post (print and online, PDF of print piece available), Rambler (in Russian), BBC Radio Leeds (clip available) and University news story

University of Leeds: 'Superstar' Roman inscription stones on display (BBC Online • 18 Oct, 2022) - The public unveiling of the Ancient Roman Dales Inscription Stones, found at Bainbridge and stored since the 1960s at Leeds, is featured. Dr Samuel Gartland (School of Languages, Cultures and Societies) is quoted. Also in: Yorkshire Post (PDF available), Yorkshire Evening Post, BBC Breakfast (Broadcast) and Canada TodayUniversity news story

BBC Radio Humberside (BBC Radio Humberside • 15 Oct, 2022 • Broadcast) -Dr Judy Tucker (Design) talks about curating an exhibition called Paint 80. Clip available. 

East meets West in new textile tale (Yorkshire Evening Post • 14 Oct, 2022 • Print) - Coverage of a unique digital performance taking place at Leeds Industrial Museum, led by Dr Haili Ma (Performance and Cultural Industries). The performance is based on a series of research projects exploring the threads linking women who toiled in textile factories and on production lines thousands of miles apart across the UK and China. PDF available. 

How used clothing from the UK is fueling Ghana’s environmental crisis (Citi Newsroom • 14 Oct, 2022) -“There are too many UK fashion businesses who acknowledge the negative impacts of their operations on workers and the environment but do little or nothing to mitigate the harm they are causing,” Dr Mark Sumner (Design) says.  

Rip Off Britain (BBC One • 13 Oct, 2022) -Professor Sean McLoughlin (Philosophy, Religion and History of Science) is interviewed on campus about changes to the booking process of the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. He describes the launch of the new online booking portal, Motawif, as an “epic fail”. BBC iPlayer clip starts at 09:32. MP4 clip also available. 

How Iranian men are standing up for women, life, and freedom (Al-Araby Al-Jadeed 11 Oct, 2022) - Dr Sara Tafakori (Media and Communications) is quoted in this feature on how social media is being used as a protest tool in the recent uprisings in Iran that were sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died in police custody.

Meeting the modern-day missionaries (The Independent • 10 Oct, 2022) - A piece on the fact that there are more Christian missionaries in the world now than in the past. Dr Jonathan D Smith (Philosophy, Religion and History of Science) is quoted.   Subscription required; PDF also available on request.

Opera North Announces Academic in Residence (OperaWire • 9 Oct, 2022) - The UK’s Opera North has announced Professor Edward Venn (Music) as its new Academic in Residence.

Milad Un Nabi - How was Prophet Mohammad supported by his wife Khadija? (BBC News • 9 Oct, 2022) - In Marathi. Quotes Dr Fozia Bora (LCS). "She was, in today's parlance, a 'businesswoman' and had a lot of confidence in herself," says Bora. 

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