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AHC Researchers In the Media (March 2023)

AHC Research

Many arts and humanities researchers at the University of Leeds are active in public discussions about their work.

Below we include selected publications and appearances from March 2023, including reflections on topics about innovative new uses for the waste products left behind from grapes used in wine production and how the streaming and the instant availability of every song could change how much we associate music with memories of key moments in our lives.

Too young for Parkinson's? What it's like being diagnosed in your 30s and 40s

The philosophy of deepfakes: Has the camera always lied? • 30th Mar, 2023 • News
Fake footage is a centuries-old problem that began long before digital technology, according to Dr. Joshua Habgood-Coote (PRHS) who says we should be focusing on the insidious social problems behind the videos, such as misogyny and racism.

The Independent • 30th Mar, 2023 • News
Ahead of World Parkinson’s Day on April 11, Abi Jackson talks to two people living with early-onset symptoms. Dr Kimberly Campanello (English) is interviewed. Nexis login with University details required. PDF available.

Food Unwrapped
Channel 4 • 30th Mar, 2023 • Broadcast
Professor Richard Blackburn (Design) is interviewed about innovative new uses for the waste products left behind from grapes used in wine production.

Film & TV How Big Brother blazed the trail for LGBTQ+ representation on TV
Dazed Digital • 28th Mar, 2023 • News
From Nadia Almada to Shabby Katchadourian, Big Brother’s diverse casting brought LGBTQ+ culture to primetime television.
Dr Bethany Klein (Media) is quoted.

Historic Shakespeare collection displayed at Leeds University
BBC News • 27th Mar, 2023 • News
A historic collection of plays by William Shakespeare is going on display at the University of Leeds.The 400-year-old First Folio contains almost 30 of his plays.
Curator Rhiannon Lawrence-Francis, and Dr Jane Rickard (English) are both interviewed.

Hollywood's most misogynistic cliché
BBC Culture • 16th Mar, 2023 • News
Many films and TV series have used the trope of having a dead female relative or partner be the driving force for the story's male protagonist, depriving the women of agency and framing them squarely through their relationship with the man. Dr Miriam Kent (Media and Communications) says that these narratives "extend way way back," to the days of early cinema.

Streams are made of this: will digital platforms change our musical memories?
The Observer • 12th Mar, 2023 • Print
The advent of streaming and the instant availability of every song could change how much we associate music with memories of key moments in our lives. Professor David Hesmondhalgh (Music) is quoted on how music is often tied to key events including weddings and funerals.

David Bowie: five must-have items for the V&A’s new centre
The Conversation • 6th Mar, 2023
The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has announced the opening of a new David Bowie Centre for the Performing Arts in 2025 at V&A East Storehouse in east London. This follows the news that the museum has acquired – through donation – the artist’s fabled archive. Professor Denis Flannery (English) provides his top five Bowie treasures.

Colette at 150: why the scandalous 20th-century writer remains a revered literary figure in France
The Conversation • 2nd Mar, 2023 • News
Professor Diana Holmes (French) writes how, 150 years after her birth, Collette remains a revered author and national treasure in France.


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