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AHC Researchers In the Media (June and July 2022)

AHC Research

Many arts and humanities researchers at the University of Leeds are active in public discussions about their work.

Below we include selected publications and appearances from June and July 2022, including reflections on topics as varied as fast fashion, "what gives folks the chills", and the relationship between the Bible and abortion rights.

You’re Dead To Me: Julie d’Aubigny (BBC Sounds • 25th Jul, 2022) - Dr Sara Barker (History) is featured in this podcast episode about Julie d’Aubigny, a famous 17th-century opera singer.

We ignore moods in politics at our peril (The Guardian • 25th Jul, 2022) - Professor Stephen Coleman (Media and Communication) writes this letter about the importance of paying attention to the ways in which mood inflects democratic politics. Professor Coleman also spoke about the Conservative leadership election on BBC Radio Leeds

How sports marketers can tap into the power of goosebumps (The Drum • 22nd Jul, 2022) - To comprehend at a broader level what gives folks the chills, Dr Scott Bannister (Music) from the University of Leeds analysed the Frisson Subreddit and drew a series of fascinating conclusions in a peer-reviewed research paper.

Battle of the fast fashion giants: the fall of Missguided and the rise of Shein (Metro • 23rd Jul, 2022) - Dr Mark Sumner (Design) argues that Missguided’s meteoric rise to the top may have fed into its surprisingly quick downfall.

Khaby Lame: from factory job to king of TikTok (The Guardian • 9th Jul, 2022) - “Khaby's videos are short, silent and funny,” says D Bondy Valdovinos Kaye (Media and Communication), postdoctorate researcher and co-author of an academic book on TikTok. Also in Head Topics

They waited years to make the Hajj. A web portal could stop them. (Washington Post • 1st Jul, 2022) - Saudi Arabia abruptly changed how Western travelers book Islam’s holy pilgrimage. But the online portal’s botched rollout is leaving many would-be pilgrims in limbo. Professor Sean McLoughlin (PRHS) said that an online booking method could provide the government a way to scale up the infrastructure needed to serve millions more passengers a year, while preserving profit margins.

Archive on 4 – Lern Yerself Scouse (BBC Radio 4 • 1st Jul, 2022) - Professor Tony Crowley (English) speaks of the history of Liverpool's port and how it brought together a mixture of people to form the Scouse accent, as well as the city's wealth deriving from slavery. Interview starts at approximately four minutes.

Ellie and Natasia: What is the history behind sketch comedy? (BBC Three • 29th Jun, 2022) - Dr Laura Minor (Media and Communication) provides expert commentary on the history of sketch comedy.

Are 'natural' products always better? (BBC Indonesia • 28th Jun, 2022) - Dr Richard Blackburn (Design) is quoted about his work producing cosmetics from food scraps. Also discussed in Terra Brasil (03/07)

The impact of Christian purity culture is still being felt – including in Britain (The Conversation • 29th Jun, 2022) - Chrissie Thwaites (PRHS) writes this piece about a Christian movement now known as “purity culture”.

The Bible is being weaponised in abortion struggle (The I • 28th Jun, 2022) - In response to the recent Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision in the US, Professor Johanna Stiebert (PHRS) comments on the religious discourse surrounding abortion rights.

Two Americans captured by Russian forces could face the death penalty. Can the US save them? (USA Today • 26th Jun, 2022) - Dr Nir Arielli (History) provides commentary on US and UK citizens volunteering to fight in overseas conflicts.  Also in News Dubai

Mystery of Waterloo’s dead soldiers to be re-examined by academics (The Guardian • 20th Jun, 2022) - A report on upcoming research that will try to establish what happened to the remains of tens of thousands of men and horses following the battle at Waterloo. Dr Kevin Linch (History), who is not involved in the work, provides a comment.

Tension with partner churches in Africa (Nederlands Dagblad • 11th Jun, 2022, In Dutch) -Professor Adriaan van Klinken (PRHS) is interviewed in this piece on LGBT rights and the role of the church in African contexts. PDF available from Media Team upon request.

Retail is fundamentally bad for the environment. And doing better isn't easy (Retail Dive • 6th Jun, 2022) - Improving sustainability is a web of complexity for retailers. Ultimately, it may mean sidelining growth. Dr Mark Sumner (Design) sees the business case for sustainability catching on, not just thanks to legislation, but also as executives are pressured by key stakeholders.

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