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LAHRI Writing Rebooted Session 2 (10:00-13:00)

LAHRI Research Development event
Friday 29 September 2023, 10:00-13:00
Zoom (Online)

Part of the LAHRI Researcher Development programme for 2023, this repeating session is designed for researchers who are looking for a quiet, supportive and structured space to get words down on the page or edit their writing.

This session will be run on Zoom so you can be anywhere to join in. All you need is a computer and either a headset or a room where you can hear the computer's audio.

Like the University Libraries' 'Shut up and Write' sessions, we have scheduled these so that they observe the Pomodoro Method, breaking the full three hours up into delightful, bite-sized 25-minute sessions of concentrated writing interspersed with short breaks. This will give you a chance to set and share some writing goals with colleagues from across the Faculty.

Whether you need to splurge some initial thoughts and ideas, or make final stage refinements to a prospective publication, Writing Rebooted sessions will help you to carve out dedicated time in a supportive environment.

See below for the session timings, and a link to the meeting.

Time Duration Activity
10:00 10 minutes Social time (whole group) including intros and setting writing goals
10:10 5 Minutes Break out groups (pairs) sharing goals – to be as specific as possible about what you are going to achieve today
10:15 25 minutes Writing
10:40 5 minutes Silent break
10:45 25 minutes Writing
11:10 10 minutes Social Break
11:20 25 minutes Writing
11:45 5 minutes Silent break
11:50 25 minutes Writing
12:15 5 minutes Break out groups (pairs) – What have you achieved, goal Setting and next steps
12:20 15 minutes Social time, including follow up, feedback, discussion
12:35 25 minutes Optional final writing slot
13:00 END

If you have any questions about attending this session then you should email the LAHRI team via