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The Sapling Fund's latest projects

AHC Research
From the LAHRI Team
Research Support

The LAHRI and Cultural Institute Teams are delighted to announce that the following three projects were successful in the first round of the Sapling Fund.

Aylwyn Walsh, Dalton Harrison, Abolitionist Futures & Ripon House: 'arts & abolitionist futures'

William Gould, Andrea Major, Neelam Publications and Books: 'From Paper to Pixel: Exploring anti-caste Print Culture'

Dibyadyuti Roy, Liz Stainforth, Venkat Srinivasan: 'Affect, Algorithms, and Archives: Reclaiming Emotions and Relationality in Digital Spaces'

You'll be able to read more about these projects in due course.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who submitted a proposal. There were so many interesting and valuable projects to choose from. We wish you all every success with the projects as you develop them.