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AHC Researchers In the Media (February 2023)

AHC Research

Many arts and humanities researchers at the University of Leeds are active in public discussions about their work.  Below we include selected publications and appearances from February 2023:

Why understanding the value of culture matters
Arts Professional • 28th Feb, 2023 • News
Professor Ben Walmsley (Performance and Cultural Industries), with Matthew McCallum of the Arts and Humanities Research Council, argues that now is the time to make the case for culture as a public good.

No Longer a Lost Treasure: New York’s Hispanic Society of America Takes a Star Turn in London
Village Voice (New York) • 27th Feb, 2023 • News
Professor Duncan Wheeler (Languages, Cultures & Societies) writes about how a new exhibition at the Royal Academy in London showcases the visual cultures of Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and the Philippines.

Fighting climate change: Is rationing the answer?
Deutsche Welle • 27th Feb, 2023 • News
Further coverage of recent research that recommended for policymakers to consider rationing as a fairer way to fight climate change. Joint lead authors, Dr Rob Lawlor (IDEA) and Dr Nathan Wood (formerly IDEA and Sustainability Research Institute) are interviewed on this podcast episode.
University news story.

'Not a bullet but biology' that forced Fidel Castro's hand in resigning
Daily Express • 24th Feb, 2023 • News
Professor Manuel Barcia Paz (History) is quoted about the response to Fidel Castro's resignation 15 years ago.

WWII-style 'rationing' of food, fuel needed to combat climate change, academics claim in new paper
Fox News • 23rd Feb, 2023 • News
Further coverage. Fox news covers recent research from Dr Rob Lawlor (PRHS) and Nathan Wood (PRHS) which has suggested that World War II style rationing might be an effective measure to tackle climate change. Both are quoted.

The Forever Cool of Cobalt
Financial Times • 22nd Feb, 2023 • News
Professor Regina Lee Blaszczyk (History) is quoted in this article that takes us on a journey through the cultural history of the colour Cobalt blue.
Financial Times login with University details required. PDF available.

BBC Tees
BBC Radio Tees • 22nd Feb, 2023 • Broadcast
Second World War-style rationing could be an effective way to reduce carbon emissions, according to new research from the University of Leeds. Co-author of the study Dr Nathan Wood (Philosophy, Religion and History of Science) is interviewed. Clip available.
Also in: Print: Yorkshire Post (PDF available). News: L’Express (France, in French) | California18 | Geeky News. University news story.

Bullying bosses, broken boards and a crisis of accountability
Arts Professional • 21st Feb, 2023 • News
Professor Ben Walmsley and Dr Emma McDowell (Performance and Cultural Industries)
write with Dr Melissa Nisbett from King’s College London about research they’ve conducted revealing abusive leadership and the spectrum of mistreatment in the arts sector.

PM Programme
BBC Radio 4 • 20th Feb, 2023 • Broadcast
Dr Rob Lawlor (Philosophy, Religion and History of Science) is interviewed discussing his recent research which suggested that carbon rationing could be used as a measure to tackle climate change. Clip starts at 44:27. University story.

How to fix global warming? Bring back rationing
The Times • 20th Feb, 2023 • Print
Dr Nathan Wood (Philosophy, Religion and History of Science) is quoted in this article discussing how researchers from the University of Leeds say lessons learned during wartime can be useful in the fight against climate change.
Lexis login with University details required. PDF available. Also available Online: The Scotsman.

Fidel Castro's 'destructive' 60-year reign that unified people but ended in heartbreak
Daily Express • 16th Feb, 2023 • News
Fidel Castro's leadership of Cuba began 64 years ago today. Dr Manuel Barcia (History), who was living in Cuba in the 1980s, said that it was "quite a progressive, happy place in spite of the repression of any political views other than the official ones" but that a lot changed after the end of the Cold War.

Breaking barriers: Women in Nigeria defy odds to contest in elections, but face uphill battle
Africanews • 14th Feb, 2023
Women running for political office in Nigeria face many challenges, including a risk of violence. Dr Mercy Ette (Performance and Cultural Industries) is quoted, discussing how the conservative cultural and religious system can sometimes discourage female candidates.
Also in: International Business Times | France 24 (English)

Assailed by love’s slings and arrows? Try the philosophical approach
Times Higher Education • 14th Feb, 2023 • News
On Valentine's Day, Dr Luke Brunning (Philosophy, Religion and History of Science) writes about the philosophy of love and how it has developed in recent years to encompass a more wide-ranging definition of love and attraction.
Times Higher login with University details required. PDF available.

Weighty issue of washing
Daily Star • 13th Feb, 2023 • Print
A University of Leeds study authored by Alice Hazlehurst (Design) has found that UK households release thousands of tonnes of microfibres in their wash cycles annually - equivalent to the weight of 1,500 double-decker buses.
Lexis login with University details required. PDF available.
Also in: Welt am Sonntag (Lexis login required. PDF available).
University news story.

Happy Valley: the art of Sally Wainwright’s perfect TV ending
The Conversation• 9th Feb, 2023 • News
Professors Beth Johnson and Kristyn Gorton (Media and Communication) discuss the 'extraordinariness of the ordinary' in Sally Wainwright's writing following the long-awaited finale of her hit show Happy Valley.

BBC Leeds
BBC Leeds • 9th Feb, 2023 • Broadcast
Further coverage. Dr Bethan Bide (Design) discusses the role of Jewish dressmakers in the shaping of British fashion history ahead of the launch of her new exhibition on the topic at Bankfield Museum in Halifax.

Study uncovers size of UK microfibre release
Ecotextile News• 7th Feb, 2023 • News
Alice Hazlehurst (Design) is quoted discussing research scaling the release of microfibres released into water after washing our clothes.  Also covered in: infobae (in Spanish)

A philosophy professor proposes an Institute for Ascertaining Scientific Consensus
.coda• 7th Feb, 2023 • News
A consensus-finding institution could help determine what constitutes an established truth, a boon to society. But can it really curb the spread of misinformation? Professor Gregory Radick (Philosophy, Religion and History of Science) is quoted.

Fashioning a showcase for our Jewish designers
Yorkshire Post • 6th Feb, 2023 • Print
Dr Bethan Bide (Design) is quoted discussing her role in working on the upcoming exhibition “Fashion City: How Jewish Londoners Shaped Global Style” researching the histories of the Jewish makers behind some of the 20thCentury’s most recognizable looks.
PDF available.

Sally Wainwright, 'Happy Valley' creator takes centre stage
The Financial Times • 6th Feb, 2023 • News
Professor Kristyn Gorton (Media and Communication) is quoted discussing the “extraordinariness of the ordinary” in Sally Wainwright’s storytelling, following the finale of her hit TV show Happy Valley.
Financial Times login with University details required. PDF available.

The Race to Waterproof Your Outdoor Gear - Without Toxic Chemicals
Bloomberg • 2nd Feb, 2023 • News
Brands are only just starting to move away from using dangerous “forever chemicals” to waterproof outdoor clothes. Dr Richard Blackburn (Design)says the chemicals became so readily used because “they just blew everything apart in terms of how well they worked.”
Behind a paywall. PDF available.

Instagram is becoming as uncool as Facebook - and it has only itself to blame
Business Insider US • 2nd Feb, 2023 • News
Instagram is struggling to keep up with TikTok after becoming too focused on famous influencers and not regular people. D. Bondy Valdovinos Kaye (Media and Communication) is quoted.
Also in: Tech Today.

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