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LAHRI Grant Sessions

LAHRI Logo with threads of oranges, browns, reds and greysLAHRI GRANT SESSIONS 

Autumn term 2023 

 The team at the Leeds Arts and Humanities Research Institute are delighted to launch a brand-new series of events to support researchers intending to apply for external funding. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re an experienced grant-getter, or just starting out, and whatever your career stage or approach to arts and humanities research. These informal events will provide insight into, and a space to ask questions about, many different areas of research project development, as well as introducing you to some of the key people and groups supporting funding applications at Leeds. As part of the series, we’re also running a more substantive workshop, intended for researchers who are planning to submit AHRC grant applications in the near future. We very much hope to see you at some or all of the  sessions! 

Jamie Stark 

Dir. Leeds Arts and Humanities Research Institute (LAHRI) 


Session 1: Introduction to the Research Funding Landscape for Arts and Humanities

Friday 20/10/23, 13:00-14:00 ONLINE, hosted by LAHRI

What: In this informal session, we will give a broad overview of funders who support Arts and Humanities Research in the UK and in the European context. We’ll cover the key drivers which distinguish different funders from each other, and signpost to more detailed information.

Who: aimed at all career stages and will help colleagues to contextualise who the main A&H funders are and how the different funding schemes they offer can support different modes of research.

Format: Information presentation with Q&A.

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Session 2: Focus on the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)

Friday 27/10/23, 13:00-14:00 ONLINE, hosted by LAHRI

What: In this informal session, we will go through each of the AHRC Responsive Mode Schemes (Catalyst, Curiosity, Standard Grant and Follow-on-Fund). We’ll outline the parameters of the different schemes and reflect on what makes a competitive proposition for each, in broad terms.

Who: aimed at all career stages who are interested in applying to AHRC and are at the start of the process of developing a research proposition.

Format: Information presentation with Q&A.

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Session 3: Working with data from digital humanities approaches: considerations for funding applications.

Friday 10/11/23, 13:00-14:00 ONLINE (TBC)  

Hosted by LAHRI with the Digital Creativities and Cultures Hub (DCCH) and research data specialists from the library  

What: This session is aimed at supporting those in the planning stages of a research project (for any funder) and will give a broad overview of things you need to consider for the collection, curation and storage of data when using digital approaches.  The session will be informal and discursive: the DCCH will give an overview of the Digital Methodologies landscape and the support that they offer. We will frame this with grant applications in mind, thinking through to what funders might want to know about how you are going to resource, manage, and plan for responsible curation of your data.  

 Who: aimed at all career stages and of interest to those who would like to discuss how they are planning to deal with digital data generated during a research project. 

Format: Information presentation with example-led discussion: participants can bring their own project scenarios to the group to share.  

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Session 4:

Introduction to the Global Research Development Team 

Friday 17/11/23, 13:00-13:450 ONLINE 

Hosted by LAHRI with Helen Rajabi, Hongsen Peng and Siddeequah Azmi 

What: This session will provide an opportunity to hear how the Global Research Development Team can support your research, including an overview of the current international research funding landscape, and an introduction to our internal funding opportunities. 

Who: aimed at all career stages and of interest to those thinking of developing their research in an international (beyond Europe) context. 

Format: Information presentation with Q&A Information presentation with Q&A.

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Session 5: 

AHRC grants workshop: writing your application using the UKRI Funding Service (TFS) 

 Friday 24/11/23, 10:00-13:00*, in person - venue tbc 

Hosted by LAHRI with FAHC FRIO and guest speakers  

What: this half-day, in-person, engaging workshop will support colleagues to make a start on, or ‘calibrate’ their AHRC funding application using the UKRI Funding Service Core Section questions. The session is based on an AHRC standard grant but will be useful/applicable for applicants applying to any AHRC scheme, including Catalyst and Curiosity awards. In this session, we will work through the substantive elements of the AHRC application (Justification of Resources, Vision, Approach and Capability to Deliver) in an interactive and discursive way.  

Who: this session is aimed at people who are actively engaged in writing an application for submission within 6 months and who already have a well-defined project plan. Please do not sign up for this workshop unless you are in this position as you will not actively be able to participate. If you would like to discuss suitability, please get in touch and we can advise (  

Format: Information presentation with Q&A. 

* Option to join for lunch from 13:00-13:30 

Sign up by email to Hilary Potter on the LAHRI email:  


Session 6:

Rejuvenating EU Funding for the Arts and Humanities 

Tuesday 28/11/23, 13:00-14:00 ONLINE  

Hosted by LAHRI with the RIS EU team Jessica Clarke and Ben Williams with an Introduction from Jasjit Singh, Pro Dean International, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures 

What: The UK is associating to Horizon Europe, which means exciting prospects for research, with certainty that all successful UK applicants will be funded. In this session, the EU team will give an overview of the upcoming schemes and EU team support. 

Who: There are several opportunities spanning all career stages, something for everyone. Come along to find out more about the spectrum of EU funding and what it can offer and hoe the EU team can support you.  

Format: Information presentation with Q&A.

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 Session 7:

Demystifying the AHRC Assessment Process 

Monday 4/12/23, 13:30 ONLINE, Hosted by LAHRI with Yvonne Tasker and Paul Cooke 

What: In this session we’ll give a brief overview of the assessment process and what happens to your proposal when it gets to the AHRC. We’ll then then focus in greater detail on what happens at the panel stage of the assessment, in discussion with experienced panel chairs: Yvonne Tasker and Paul Cooke, with an opportunity to put your questions to them. 

Who: this session would be of broad interest to those applying and supporting research proposals to the AHRC or those considering applying to be a panel member in future. Whilst focussed on the AHRC, some of the general principles will be useful in regard to assessment processes more generally.  

Format: Information presentation with Q&A.

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Sessions planned around the following topics for early spring 2024 (details to follow) 

  • International research projects - an introduction to the practicalities of international research collaboration 
  • Co-investigators – looking at what makes a good collaboration from the perspective of leading or being a Co-I 
  • Common characteristics of successful grants (regardless of funder) 
  • You've got your grant…what next?!