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Alex Brehier-Stamatiadis

LAHRI Postdoctoral Research Fellow (December 2021-November 2022)
Clothworkers South Building
Arts Humanities and Cultures
Leeds Arts and Humanities Research Institute

I am LAHRI Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Leeds. I was awarded my PhD in November 2021 (which was funded by the Onassis foundation). Before that, I did my BA and MA in the History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Athens in Greece.

In my PhD I explored various aspects of moral metaphysics. Specifically, I developed a functionalist theory of grounding, alongside a contingentist theory of moral principles, and a pluralist account of moral non-causal explanation.


2. (Forthcoming), ”Nomic Moral Naturalness”, Inquiry

1. (2021), ”Backing as Truthmaking”, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 1-17. doi:10.1017/can.2021.31.