LAHRI invites proposals for topics for its series of interdisciplinary ‘Speculative Conversations’

This scheme offers researchers in and beyond the arts and humanities the opportunity to discuss interdisciplinary research ideas at an early stage of formulation, with a view to establishing research collaborations around particular themes.

Meetings can take place either in person over lunch in the larger LAHRI Seminar Room in Clothworkers South, or online. They will be coordinated and led by at least two members of academic staff who are based in at least two different Schools, at least one of whom should be in the Faculty of AHC.

Participation is open to all staff, and postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers across the University. Owing to both the limitations of Covid-secure space and the fluency of online meetings, the maximum number of participants at these events is 10.

There is no expectation that Speculative Conversations will lead directly to particular outcomes; they are an opportunity for enjoyable and informal discussion of research ideas. Nonetheless, they may also explore potential collaborations leading to funding bids. Coordinators are free to structure discussion as they wish and to set their own agenda.

There is no deadline for the scheme, provided that there is sufficient time to arrange the meeting.

Please refer to the LAHRI and Culture Theme Hub for further information about this scheme and how to propose one.