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Speculative Conversation: Perceptions of Perinatal Wellbeing

Wednesday 12 October 2022, 12:00-13:30
3:02 Clothworkers South Building

Are you a Medical Humanities Researcher? Are you interested in Maternal Wellbeing and /or Mental Health research? LAHRI are delighted to be hosting this Speculative Conversation on the topic of Perceptions of Perinatal wellbeing, and invite you to join us.

This Conversation will be hosted by Anna McFarlane (School of English) and Netalie Shloim (School of Healthcare) as well as the LAHRI Director, Jamie Stark.

Perinatal wellbeing, including mental wellbeing, is an underrepresented topic, and one rife with inequalities as Black maternal health outcomes and outcomes in the Global South show significant disparities with normative rates in the Global North.

Our event is particularly interested in considering women who are not prediagnosed, not already 'in the system', who may fall through the cracks – we recognise that there is no need to be diagnosed to experience difficulties.

We will share our own research and invite participants to share as well through brief 'lightning' talks. We anticipate a written outcome (a conference report-style blog post for The Polyphony, a medical humanities blog run by Durham University), and online follow-up events that could encourage the formation of a working group that would provide support for funding applications and for ECRs/PhDs developing fellowship proposals.

To register to attend please email the LAHRI administrator ( Places are limited to a small number and a waiting list will be created if this number is exceeded.

This event will take place on University of Leeds campus. We will provide lunch and a framework for the discussion.